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Mrs Shobha Soodan

Mrs Shobha Soodan 

Zonal Chairperson, Chetak


1.            The Border Roads Organization Wife‚Äôs Welfare Association (BROWWA) under the aegis of Project Chetak was registered with Govt of Rajasthan on 20 Oct 2005 under society Act and has made steady progress since then with contributions and efforts made by all Zonal Chairpersons. Presently, Mrs Shobha Soodan is the Zonal Chairperson with its HQ located at Bikaner. The AOR of BROWWA Chetak is spread over two states i.e. Punjab and Rajasthan with its two wings at Jodhpur (45 BRTF) and Hanumangarh (49 BRTF). The Zonal Chairperson is presently supported by regional heads i.e. Mrs Noreen Dass and Mrs Shalini Nikesh in ensuring appropriate welfare measures for the families

2.            Due to its peaceful plains location and also due to most sought after Project, quite a large number of Officers and Personnel are attracted to this Project and are living with their families. A total of 29 Officers and 235 personnel are living in family accommodation at various locations in the AOR. The state of Rajasthan and Punjab have good education , medical and coaching facilities and hence more and more Officers and personnel want to keep their families in this area, which also brings out the challenge of management of CG/LMC personnel and yet create joyful environment in the BROWWA set up.


              3.       Despite all challenges and constraints, the Chairpersons and Director Regional BROWWA have tried to address all the problem of the families and solutions are found to the extent possible. All efforts are made to improve the living conditions of families within the available means and resources. Regular interaction through family welfare meetings have been conducted to ensure self health, skill development, polio vaccination, immunization programme and entertainment. Lectures on drug addiction, smoking and intoxication, oral health small savings, self grooming, enhancing communication skill, computer education, vocational courses have been arranged.


              4.       Being in desert, habit of saving water, protection from heat and sun stroke, planting of trees to protect environment have also been inculcated in the daily routine. Special emphasis has been placed for cleanliness of the area, in and around the living areas through Swachhta Abhiyan and by motivating the families by way of awards.


              5.       Children at Chetak HQ have been encouraged to participate in the various competitions such as debate, craft, sports etc and improve their soft skills, Motivational counseling and personality development drive has been initiated to enhance their future career prospects.