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Since inception of Project Shivalik in the year 2009, following has been achieved despite two years working period being diverted to the damages caused by disaster of 2012 and 2013:-

Item of work




Km Class-9



Km Class-9


Permanent Wks

Rs. Crore


Major Bridge




Km Class-9


In addition to the noteworthy achievements during the natural calamities, the project has following exceptional tasks to its credit:- 

(a) Construction of Road Rattakona-Mana Pass :- Mana Pass (Alt 18.399 Feet) is a mountain pass between India and Tibet which is higher than Khardungla Pass in Kashmir.This Pass has been an ancient trade route between Uttarakhand and Tibet, until its closure in 1951 by the Chinese. Despite  limited working period and adverse weather conditions, 75 RCC/21 BRTF Constructed this road in 71 Days which is the highest motorable road in the world

(b) Extension of Rimkhim Helipad :- To accelerate the progress of construction of the strategically important road of Girthidobla - Sumna- Rimkhim ,the size of the Rimkhim helipad at an altitude of 12500 feet was increased from 25 x 15 m to 75 x 35 m. Resources including dozer and mini excavators were heli-lifted to Rimkhim as there was no vehicular road connectivity of Rimkhim. This helipad facilitated the landing of MI-26 helicopters thereby providing logistics support to the troops deployed in forward area.

(c) Road Girthidobla-Sumna :- Connectivity of road Girthidobla - Sumna for a langth of 6.55km is a part of strategically important ICBR. This has facilitated the logistic supports for troops in forwarded area by road which was previously through heli dropping and mule carriage. Connectivity of road has made vehicular on 06 Nov 2016.

In 2015 highlights of the Project are as  under :-  

(a) Connectivity of  Sumna - Rimkhim (ICBR) on 07 Aug 2015 thereby providing vehicular connectivity to Rimkhim Post which was erstwhile air maintained. 

(b) In new technology initiatives, Cold mix technology has been used on (ICBR) in the protected areas where installation of Hot mix plant is not permitted. Animpartant ICBR Naga-Jadhang has been completed with this new cold mix technology.

(c) Five major bridges named Bhagirathi-1,Khunigad, Badasu, Gobindgad and Pathigad completed during the year.

(d)  Despite heavy snowfall compared to previous years the lines of communication were kept open all through the season with no blockage for more than 24 hrs.This has been appreciated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and other officers of Civil Administration/Army Officials.    

  In 2016 highlights of the Project are as  under :- 


a) Completion of Bhagirathi-II Bridge on Uttarkashi Byepass.

b) Large scale slides occurred between Nandprayag and Chamoli on 01 July 2016 due to incessant rain and cloud burst causing damage to life and property. The National Highway connecting Rudraprayag-Joshimath-Mana, the main axis for the yatra, was covered with numerous landslides and boulders which rolled down on NH-07, disrupting complete movement of traffic, stranding pilgrims and locals on both sides. Team Shivalik took up the challenge and mobilized all mechanical resources and manpower for opening the yatra axis with operational urgency. The dedicated effort of the Project Shivalik, which worked tirelessly with clockwork precision, opened the Badrinath Dham Yatra axis in Uttarakhand within four days.

The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Shri Harish Rawat expressed his satisfaction for the challenging task done by the Project in keeping the entire yatra axis open despite challenging weather conditions. A total of 122 slides occurred during this monsoon season. True to its motto 'Sharmena Sarvam Sadhyam', team Shivalik once again proved its mettle in the state of Uttarakhand by displaying its preparedness, professional acumen and responsiveness during all calamities. 

c) Lt Gen Suresh Sharma, AVSM, DGBR visited the project area three times and laid special emphasis on ICBRs.

d) In consultation with National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) Nagpur, a new technology being adopted for slope stabilization in 36 BRTF Sector.

e) Lt Gen BS Negi,UYSM,YSM,SM,VSM**,PhD, GOC-in-C Central Command  visited HQ CE Project Shivalik from 09 to 11 Nov 2016. During the visit of the  Army Cdr, he was briefed on various activities undertaken by the Project in  Uttarakhand State.

The Army Cdr while emphasizing on the need for timely completion of strategically important GS roads, lauded the untiring efforts put in by Project Shivalik and its subordinate units in keeping the road network in its AOR traffic worthy throughout the year under highly challenging terrain and weather conditions. 

f)   ICBR Girthidobla-Sumna.  Girthidobla-Sumna is the only axis leading to Rimkhim, farthest border post on Joshimath-Rimkhim axis on Indo China border in Uttrakhand. The altitude various from 10000 to 12000 ft. Though the connectivity between Joshimath-Girthidobla and Girthidobla-Sumna had been achieved earlier, connectivity between Girthidobla and Sumna was yet to be achieved due to rugged trn in high altitude with challenging weather conditions. Due to the ltd working window every year only 400-80 m could be cut. However in 2016, it was taken up as a challenge to complete the balance 1.9 Km in one working season. 123 RCC of 21 BRTF with grit and determination, working day and night and taking on the work at multiple attack points achieved connectivity on 06 Nov 2016.

g)       Use of Cold Mix Technology.  Work on following important roads was carried out to overcome the impediments of sanction of hot mix in protected areas:-

(i)    Naga-Jadhang. The road from Naga to Jadhang ITBP  Post has been black topped by using cold mix surfacing. Cold mix plant under NCNC basis was installed at Naga and the surface was laid by using paver to achieved good riding surface.

(ii)   Nelong-Naa. 5.19 KM surfacing has been completed using cold mix.

(iii)   Mana-Musapani. 5.8 KM Non Frost Susceptible Stone Base and Crust stone base and 400 mtrs of black topping has been completed in this working season.

h) Ghastoli-Rattakona Road. 8 Km equivalent CL-9 NHDL work has been completed based on Go-ahead sanction given within my powers without the Adm approval and further stopped due to MHA Job being re-open.

j)       Use of Zydex Technology. Resurfacing work for 7Km equivalent CL-9 has been done on Rd Dharasu-Gangotri and work with the technology has been proposed on Rd Nelong-Naga. Zydex Nano technology provided better riding surface with longer life.

k)    Use of Ecological Bio Engineering for Slide Protection. The department and National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur has jointly applied this technology at Km 70 Rd Dharasu-Gangotri plant and wherein root of plant and stem after mixing with bacteria result in growth of plants five to six times faster. The plants used are Eriyoforma Komosam grass, Vetiwar grass, Ringaal grass, Aigave Kantula etc.

l)        Completion of Bhagirathi-II Bridge. This bridge is the last bridge of three proposed bridges on Uttarkashi bye Pass. Two bridges namely Indrawati (50 mtr span) and Bhagirathi-I (70mtr Span) were already completed and Bagirathi-II bridge having a span of 122.7 mtr was completed in May 2016. The completion of this bridge has helped in de-congestion of traffic in Uttarkashi town. 

m)       Shifting of BB for Sumna-Rimkhim. Provisioning of five Bailey bridge stores in the remote, difficult, rugged terrain was herculean task. This has been completed by shifting the stores of three sets in departmental vehicles from Malari to Rimkhim. However the balance two sets have been placed at Malari to launch these bridges in next working season.

n)       Improvement of NHs.

(i)    Rudraprayag-Joshimath : The stretch Km368.00 to Km 468.00 is plan to Handover to NHIDCL/State PWD.

(ii)    Rudraprayag-Joshimath-Mana. The stretch from Km 514 to 521 has been in dilapidated condition due to glaciated/ severe landslide prone area.This year the challenge was taken to improve the surface and till now 5.5 Km of layer of DBM has been completed and the top layer shall be completed before next year Yatra season. In addition the stretch Km 38.3 top 388 has been black topped in the financial year 2016-17.

(iii)    Rishikesh-Dharasu-Gangotri. 90 Km black top resurf  work has been completed in the year 2016-17.

 Highlights of the Project in 2017


Best RCC.    123 RCC of 21 BRTF has been declared as the best RCC in Central Comd and awarded ‘Surya Trophy’ by GOC-in-C Central Comd.


Chardham Yatra. This important yearly event has already started from first week of May this year. Shri Badrinath Ji was opened for public after six months of closure. On 06 May 2017 Hon’ble President of India, visited the temple at Badrinath. Till now apart from some minor slides that occurred in some locations there have been no major interruptions in road communication. Adequate manpower and resources are deployed at all vulnerable pts/ perpetual landslide locations to tackle any natural calamities/ interruptions. We are putting in our best to make this event a success.

Appre Letters Recd. Appre letter have been received from following Officers :-

(i)  Shri Harak Singh Rawat, PCS, Garhwal Mandal, Pauri, Uttarakhand vide letter No 43/PA/2017 dated 13 Apr 2017 addsd to Chief Engineer (P) Shivalik appreciating the excellent wk done by OC 123 RCC, Lt Col Kunal Krishna and his team in last two yrs.

(ii)   Maj Gen Balraj Mehta, SM, GOC Uttarakhand Sub Area DO letter No 120669/A2 dt 15 May 2017 addsd to Lt Kunal Krishna, OC 123 RCC on good wk done  by 123 RCC. 


Summer Snow Clearence. Summer snow clearance on ICBR has been completed and we were able to open our road axis as per the date committed earlier except beyond Km 07.00 on Rattakona-Mana Pass which required some extra effort to clear it due to repeated snow accumulation.

Hathi Pahar Slide. On 19th May 2017 a landslide occurred at Km 490.00  (Hathi Pahar) on rd Rishikesh-Joshimath-Mana cutting off rd connectivity to the holy shrine Badrinath. The size of slide was 140 x 12 x 20 mtr with massive boulders causing extensive damage to the existing road and leading to stranding of over a hundred vehs and 600 pilgrims. Team 21 BRTF immediately sprang into action and working day & night opened the slide in 24 hrs by 20 May 2017 thereby facilitating further travel of pilgrims who were struck on both sides. The efforts of BRO was appreciated by civil adm. 

Monsoon challenges. Monsoon season in the State of Uttarakhand starts from end Jul. The AOR experienced heavy rains for the last one and a half month which lead to large Nos of rock falls /landslides at several places. Most roads, especially the NHs, have been badly affected due to the rainy season. Entire Shivalik team has been boldly taking on the tough challenge of keeping the NHs open for locals   and   pilgrims  on  Chardham  and  recently concluded Kanwar Yatra. Both these are the major events in Uttarakhand during this season. These yatras leave a very narrow window for us to undertake construction wk on NHs due to continuous veh and human movement during the period. These roads are also closely monitored by State Govt. We have had certain major road disruptions in our AOR during the last month. The active slides at Pagal Nallah and Marwari are still posing major challenges for all of us to keep them open. Due to unprecedented rains and road blockages we had to divert most of our manpower and resources towards NHs for facilitating evacuation of stranded pilgrims.

Launching of BB for Rd Opening by 36 TF/ 72 RCC. Due to the incessant and heavy rains which started from mid Jul, several landslides/ fmn breaches occurred at many places. On 01 Aug 2017, 20x06m fmn was washed away at Songarh (Km 79.80 on Rd Dharasu-Gangotri) near Sukhi Top due to unprecedented rainfall. Team 36 TF/ 72 RCC working day and night launched BB at the site within a day’s time thereby opening the road for pilgrims without any delay. This effort of BRO was highly appreciated by locals and civil adm.

Launching of BB on Rd Ghastoli-Rattakona. A BB was launched at Km 6.80 on Rd Ghastoli-Rattakona during Jul 2017 to plug the breach created by heavy rainfall in order to restore veh communication in view of the prevailing security conditions on Indo-China border. This wk was carried out due to op necessity even though there was no maint grant for the same and the ongoing wk has already been closed by MHA.

Improvement of NHs:

(i)   Black Topping on stretch from Km 374 to Km 383, Km 514 to km 520.96, Km 521.00 to Km 521.93 & Km 522.10 to km 527.00 on road.

Rudraprayag-Joshimath- Mana has been completed.


(ii)   On road Rishikesh-Dharasu Black Topping on stretch Km 4.00 to Km 4.35, between Km 11.30 to Km 13.00 in stretches has been  done.

(iii) On road Dharasu-Gangotri Km 120 to Km 124 has  been  black topped.

Improvement of GS roads:

(i)    Road Joshimath- Malari: This year Surf of 8.75 Km Eq Cl-9 and 10.46 m of Br work have been completed on this road.