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Shri A K Dikshit, VSM, CE

DDG (East) 


Projects under the East Directorate

(Arunank, Brahmank, Dantak, Pushpak, Setuk, Sewak, Swastik, Udayak, Vartak & R&D Shilong)

Duties and responsibilities of East Directorate :-

·    Sanction of AEs & DPRs incl Deposit/Agency works

·    Sanction/Approval of Para-552, RAEs and corrigendum

·    Foreclosure cases, Minor Change in specifications under Para-603 of BRR

·    Monitoring of progress of works

·    Interaction with MoRTH, CPWD, MoHA / MEA and other agencies

·    Attending Annual Roads Conferences and further follow up on its minutes.

·    Monitoring progress of works of all Indo-China-Border-Roads.

·    Reply to VIP references, Complaints/ Representations other than vigilance angle

·    Processing and Regularisation of Loss statement, C of I & BOOs

·    Reply of RTI applications

·    Reply of Parliamentary questions to TP Dte

·    Attend high level Meetings

Appointments :-                                                                                    

Director (Estg, Wks & ICBR (011-2567291)

Director (Admin & Tech) (011-25686835)

Joint Director (Coord)

Joint Director (Works) - Udayak & Sewak

Joint Director (Works) - Dantak, Pushpak, Setuk & Swastik (011-25686844)

Joint Director (Works) – Brahmank, Vartak & Arunank (011-25686840)

Joint Director (Estg & DPR) (011-25686922)

Joint Director (RAE & RDPR) (011-25686830)

Deputy Director (Coord)  (011-25686830)

Deputy Director (Estg)

Asst Director (RAE & RDPR)