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 Date  Policy No  Subject  Documents
 29 May 2018  24006/DGBR/Policy/03/EPC Cell  Forwarding of Model EPC Contract documents Click Here
29 May 2018 24006/DGBR/Policy/04/EPC Cell Guidelines for Procurement ,Preparation, Review and Approval of DPR Click Here
 10 Jul 2018 24006/DGBR/Policy/21/EPC Cell  Preparation and Approval of DPR’s for Civil works on EPC Click Here
 12 Jul 2018 24006/DGBR/Policy/23/EPC Cell  Standard Operating Procedure for establishing Project Implementation cell in BRO projects to Monitor EPC Contract Click Here
 27 Aug 2018 24006/DGBR/Policy/42/EPC Cell  Opening of Price Bid of Resultant Single tender during repeated retendering in consultancy contract for preparation of DPR Click Here
 31 Oct 2018  24006/DGBR/Policy/66/EPC Cell  Guidelines for Procurement, Preparation, Review and approval of DPR  Click Here
 20 Dec 2018  24228/DGBR/Policy/Instr-2018/118/E8  Evaluation of BIDS for Civil Work  Click Here
 02 Apr 2019  24059/DGBR/MPR/01/EPC Cell   Monthly Progress Report on EPC Contract of Civil Works  Click Here
 12 Sep 2019  24006/DGBR/Policy/32/EPC Cell  Provision of Name and details of official of authority in NIT/RFP  Click here
 10 Dec 2019  24006/DGBR/Policy/59/EPC Cell Constitution of Team of Key personnel by the authority engineer to supervision/execute the Work through EPC mode of contract  Click here
 10 Dec 2019  24006/DGBR/Policy/58/EPC Cell  Surveying with Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) for all the projects involving development of 2/4/6/8- Lane expressway, strengthening 

 Click here
 19 Dec 2019  24006/DGBR/Policy/69/EPC Cell  Interest breaking working capital advance against unbilled executed work to mitigate the cash flow problems of HAM Concessionaire & EPC Contractors and modification in Schedule-H of EPC Contract          Click here
 12 Feb 2020 24006/DGBR/Policy/83/EPC Cell MODE of costing of detailed project report  Click here
 03 Mar 2020 24006/DGBR/Policy/89/EPC Cell Invitation, Evaluation and Acceptance of BIDS for Civil works  Click here
 23 Nov 2020  24006/DGBR/Policy/74/EPC Cell  Latest Instruction of Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure regarding (I),(II) and (III) BIDs security  Click here