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    • Lay down the repair policy in the BRO.
    • Ensure maximum equipment availability by monitoring CSP (EOA) state by expediting repairs at Fd Workshops /overhaul of eng and other major assets at Base Workshops and prioritizing eng release.
    • Planning, issue and progress of annual/special overhaul program of both GREF Base Workshops
    • Preparation of 5 year Roll On Plan on yearly basis for base overhaulof vehicles/equipments/plants/engines.
    • Ensure effective implementation of ROP for the current production year by scheduling of overhaul and timely evacuation of repairables.
    • Monitor the output of both the Base Workshops on monthly basis and ensure maximum capacity utilization.
    • Central control of all GREF workshops, plants and machinery.
    • Planning and execution of Annual Technical Inspection of Base Workshops and Fd Workshops.
    • Monitor the expenditure on repair through trade by the Fd Workshops.
    • Monitor repairs of new buy vehicle/equipment under warranty by the firms.