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1.       This lays down the procedure for declaring the obsolete computers and peripherals as obsolete/unserviceable/beyond economical repair and further disposing of them. There are number of PC's and peripherals which are more than seven years old in the organisation.  This has created the necessity to define the SOP on this subject.  This SOP supersedes all the letters on the subject matter.


Upgradation of Computers


2.       Upgradation of PCs will be done on requirement and need basis.  Such requirements will be kept to the minimum. PCs with lower specification should ideally be replaced by new ones and old PCs should be deployed for functions like training at units/fmns/retl centers and routine work.  Priority for upgradation will be given to PCs used on LANs.


Preliminary action


3.       The following action shall be taken before declaring computers and peripherals beyond economical repair: -


(a)  The computer/peripherals/ancillaries will continue to be used in the service as long as they can be maintained or upgraded economically.


(b)  The computers/peripherals/ancillaries shall be produce for condemnation only when they cannot be upgraded or maintained economically and warrants extensive repairs and replacement of sub assemblies/accessories and combined cost of which exceeds 50% of the current cost of an equivalent system.


(c)  Possibility for replacement with buy back procedure shall fully be explored prior to disposal.


(d)  Ascertain from the vendor who is giving AMC support that the machine is Beyond Economic Repair (BER).


(e)  Record the reasons for the machine to be decaled as obsolete.


(f)    While disposing off the BER equipment, all serviceable PCBs/Cards/ Components, which can be used for repair of other computers systems should be retained and taken on stock.


Declaration of computers and peripherals as BER


4.       Computers, peripherals such as UPS, Printers, Keyboards, Mouse etc. can be declared as BER by the Board of Officers orders by Chief engineer (Projects), EBW and by DGBR & for HQ DGBR and GREF Centre.


5.       The items to be declared obsolete/unserviceable should be examined by a Board Of Officer comprising not less than 3 members of whom one will be from Administrative, other will be a technical member having knowledge of IT and type of store and third member will be a suitable and experienced officer nominated by Head of the Department.


6.       The composition of the Board will be as under:-


          Presiding Officer                 -        SE (C)/SE (E&M)/Colonel

          Members                           -        A field officers from user unit/TF.

-                      An officer from EDP Cell/HQ CE (P)

Advisory Member                -        A rep from nearest NIC Unit.


7.       The following category of items may be declared as obsolete after 07 years from the date of procurement, in accordance with NIC norms:-


(i)                 Hardware items including computers, communication equipment, UPS, Audio, Visual aids.

(ii)               Data Communication equipment, VSAT etc. (on the recommendation from the specialist group)


8.       Software including media and manuals/books etc may also be declared obsolete after 07 years from the date of procurement.


9.       The Board of Officers should take into account the prescribed or stipulated life period of the item to be declared as obsolete/unserviceable.  If no life period on any prescribed item is mentioned, it should be examined by the Board oFi Officers that the items is unserviceable due to normal wear and tear.


10.     The Board of Officers will also assess the cost of items declared obsolete/unserviceable and recommend further disposal.


Disposal of Computer System/Peripherals


11.     The board proceedings duly recommended by Competent authority shall be forwarded through proper channel for obtaining the approval of Addl DGBR if assessed cost is less than Rs. 5 Lakh, for obtaining the approval of DGBR, if the assessed cost is less than 10 Lakh and for obtaining the approval of Secy BRDB if the assessed cost is more than Rs. 10 Lakh.


12.     The computer /peripherals declared as obsolete will be auctioned as per existing SOP of the concerned Project.


Authority : Sectt BRDB has approved vide BRDB Note No. 02/416/BEA/2003 dated 28 Jan 2005.