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 Date  Policy No.  Subject  Documents
 24 Jul 2015  A-12024/1/2015-NHIDCL Cell  Procedure for sanction of works release of funds ,procurement of consultants for preparation of DPRs  Click Here
 20 Aug 2015  RW-NH-36066/39/2015-S&R (B)  Bid documents for procurement of consultancy services  Click Here
 28 Oct 2015 RW-NH-35075/1/2010-S&R(R)  Infracon Portal for Procurement of consultants  Click Here
 22 Aug 2016  H-39011/30/2015-P&P(Pt-I)  Guidelines for procurement, preparation. review and approval of DPR  Click Here
 16 Nov 2016    RFP for DPR Consultancy Services  Click Here
 04 Jul 2018  RW/NH-29011/11/2015-P&M (SCE)  Road safety audit at the stage of Engineering Designs of New Roads  Click here
 04 Apr 2019  RW/NH-34066/25/2018-S&R (P&B)   Deployment of key personel of various consultancy assignment inter-alia during feasibility/DPR  Click here