Shri Sanjiv Sharma, CE (Civ)

Research and Development Estt


        Research and Development Establishment has been raised vide BRDB letter No. BRDB/06/171/2011/GE-1 dated 18 May 2011. It was initially raised at 47 TF (Guwahati) under administrative control of CE (P) Dantak. However the Estt has finally moved from Guwahati (47 BRTF/ Dantak) to Shillong (Ex HQ CE(P) Setuk Loc) and functioning from Shillong since 02 May 2012 with a sanctioned strength of 40 (12 Officers + 28 PBORs).



The role of R &D Estt is :-


ø    To work to achieve self reliance in the BRO with a view to tackle the difficulties/problems encountered in the field during and after execution of works and in its maintenance.


ø    To bring awareness in BRO units about  latest developments in road construction so as to take on all challenges in the field of road construction keeping pace with the fast developing technology.


ø     Adopting new and innovative technology in construction and maintenance of roads with the aim of quality, time saving, durable and economic construction.


ø    To find solution to the problems being encountered by the executives through collaboration with established players in these fields from National and International arena.


ø    Harness technology and specifications and modify these to suit BRO’s requirement from several establishments of similar nature in Govt /Public domain.