Shri Vimal Goswami, CE (Civ)

Research and Development Estt


            Research and Development Establishment has been raised vide BRDB letter No. BRDB/06/171/2011/GE-1 dated 18 May 2011. It was was initially raised at 47 TF (Guwahati) under administrative control of CE (P) Dantak. However the Estt has finally moved from Guwahati (47 BRTF/ Dantak) to Shillong (Ex HQ CE(P) Setuk Loc) and functioning from Shillong since 02 May 2012 with a sanctioned strength of 40 (12 Officers + 28 PBORs).


ROLE  : The role of R &D Estt is :-

ø    Identification of suitable state of art technology, engineering, mechanical eqpt and materials in the field of highway Engineering, Bridges, Tunnels through literature review, seminars/workshops, interaction with Govt. research institutions, Technical institutes, manufacturing firm and private players and facilitate trials thereof initially on NCNC basis in consultation with the Projects. The R&D shall also intimate this HQ about such material, technology & equipment giving its cost benefits analysis and other advantage for consideration of MDEG.


ø    Remain associate with such trials at initial stage and subsequently at the stage of evaluation with concern Projects.


ø     Identify the stretches in consultation with the Project requiring special treatment for slope stabilization, improving CBR value of sub-grade and methodology to minimize use of aggregate (particularly in the area having limited availability), select the appropriate methodology and material for the purpose and suggest to MDEG to take up the trial and to Project to make suitable provisions thereon in AA/TS on approval of MDEG. It shall associate themselves during application of the product and then its evaluation and finally in making suitable recommendation on introduction of the product in the organization as member of MDEG.


ø    Analysis of accident details on each road & identify black spots/stretches thereon and suggest suitable remedial measures. The R&D could evolve a format and seek reports thereon form the Projects and based on the analysis of the report it could suggest the Project for suitable measures.


ø    The R&D Estt could also enter into an agreement with various IITs i.e. IIT, Chennai, IIT Guwahati, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee and CRRI, GSI, NRSA and, North East Space Application Centre through a memorandum of understanding for under taking research programme/studies on the various issues which are important for the organization (as listed below):-


ø    With GSI, NER, Shillong for selection of tunnel alignment and Geological mapping for the tunnels under consideration in North East Area.


ø     Selection and finalization of road alignment using space technology with North-East Space Application Centre.