Faculty of Highway Engg (FHE), a GREF Trg Institute envisaged as part of restructuring of BRO was approved by Govt in yr 2006. However, impetus to est the “Faculty of Highway Engg” as GREF Trg Institute was given in 2012-13 and a decision to est FHE at CME was taken with aim to commence Trg wef Jul 2014. Accordingly, FHE has been est in old ADGD&C / old NBC building located in CME and started functioning wef 12 Jun 2014. The aim of institute is to impart structured trg to GREF and Corps of Engrs personnel being posted to various appointments in BRO at induction level, at various command / staff level and also to update their skills with the latest technology prevalent in the environment including administrative and managerial skills required for command and staff appointments. The Faculty is designed to conduct 24 Nos. of courses and train 354 personnel every year.