Shri Madhusudan Sahay, 

Chief Engineer


1.            Project Setuk was raised in Sep 1989 exclusively for bridging the mighty rivers in the Eastern Sector of the country and named as Project ‘SETUK’ after the Sanskrit word Setu meaning a bridge. The Project was later entrusted with other construction activities such as roads, building, IBB fencing and Agartala Airfield works.Project is involved in the development and maintenance of roads in the state of Tripura and A&N Island. The HQ of the project is now located at Agartala picturesque capital of Tripura. In addition, LC DGBR at Kolkata was brought under the command of this Project in Sep 2010.  Now LC DGBR is under SA and is under move to EX-47 TF Location at Guwahati vide Adm Instruction Issued by ADGBR (East) dated 14 July 2016.

2.            Project Setuk is presently responsible for development of Agartala bypass, Manu-Simlung (NH-44A), Kumarghat-Kailashar (DL) road works in Tripura all under 755 BRTF. Further, 46 BR(I)TF located at Port Blair has come to the fold of Project Setuk in Jun 2010 and is responsible for construction of prestigious North-South road and East-West road in GNI as a part of Tsunami rehabilitation works on behalf of A&N Administration. Extension of North-South road from Shastri Nagar to Indira Point has recently been included in the BRDB program and works are under progress.