Shri VN Singh, CE (E&M)

Comdt EBW

QUALITY COMES FIRST:- To fulfil our tasks, the quality of overhaul, modification and manufacture/fabrication must be our number one priority.


USER PROJECTS ARE FOCUS OF EVERYTHING WE DO:- Our work must be done with user Projects in mind, providing the mechanical resources in the form of overhauled Vehicles, Eqpt & Plants, class BEE Assys, and manufactured items as per plan.


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT IS ESSENTIAL TO OUR TASKS:- We must strive for excellence in everything we do. This would mean EBW overhaul must be reliable economical and available in time for the user Projects to execute their works.


EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT IS OUR WAY OF LIFE:- We are a team, we must treat each other with trust and respect.


INTEGRITY IS NEVER COMPROMISED:- The conduct of our organisation must be pursued, in a manner i.e. strictly as per rules and regulation issued by higher authorities & to execute the overhaul and manufacture/fabrication, modification to required standards to users needs, and above all to contribute effectively to the VISION of BRO i.e. TO BE LEADING CONSTRUCTION AGENCY IN THE COUNTRY CAPABLE OF UNDERTAKING HIGHLY MECHANISED AND SOPHISTICATED WORKS WITH SPEED, QUALITY AND COST EFFECTIVENESS.

In short, our endeavour is to follow the principles of KAIZEN in letter and spirit.