Shri KP Purushothaman

Chief Engineer

Project Vartak

Raised in Feb 1960, TUSKER was the first Project of the BRO which was renamed as VARTAK in Jun 63.  Deployed in the states of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, the Project is poised to undertake and manage works to the tune of Rs 120 Crore per year.


VARTAK has constructed 2776 Km of new roads, 150 permanent bridges and prestigious building projects.  The Project has 1690 Km of roads under construction & 2134 Km under maintenance.  Number of permanent bridges, prestigious building works for North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology Itanagar, University of Tezpur and Navodaya Vidyalayas are under construction.


First to start construction of hill roads and permanent married accommodation for all ranks, VARTAK also led BRO in construction of well foundations for permanent bridges & to commence departmental construction of bridges in 1972.  Four Bailey Suspension Bridges of 400 feet span and over 340 Equipment Bridges have been launched successfully. 


In 1999, started construction of OP priority Roads in remote areas by air-induction of dozers and personnel.  With its motto 'Patience, Perseverance and Performance' VARTAK dauntlessly continues to keep road communications trafficable; despite incessant rains and heavy landslides.  VARTAK is a name to reckon within the economic progress of  Arunachal Pradesh.