1.         Border Roads Organisation was formed in 1960. Due to large-scale exploitation of mechanical equipment held in the organisation, two Base Wksps, one at Pathankot with a capacity of 3.92 lakh man hrs and the other at Tezpur with a capacity of 5.13 lakh man hrs were established during 1961 to provide base repair facilities. The Base Wksps were organised broadly on the lines of Army Base Wksps. These were named as Western Base Wksp and Eastern Base Wksp, based on their geographi­cal locations. Initially, Western Base Wksp functioned under tentage in two temporary locations near Sujanpur and Air Force Station Pathankot. Later it moved to its present loc in May 1963. The establishment of the Wksp was revised during Apr 1969 raising the production capacity to 5 lakh man-hrs per yr.  At present, the capacity is 2.79 Lakh man-hrs. The Wksp was placed under the administrative control of   CE (P) Beacon and technical control of Director (EME), HQ DGBR.


2.         An inspection cell under a Major, from Corps of EME, consisting of a few EME personnel, was established during 1971. This was similar to Det, HQ Technical Group EME in Army Base Wksps. The Inspection cell functioned under the technical control of Director (EME), HQ DGBR.


3.         A Training Cell headed by an EE (E&M) and two other staff was established on 19 Aug 1993. This Cell undertakes all the training imparted at WBW Pathankot, viz Young Officers training, Ch/ Mechanic, V/Mechanic Course etc.


4.         A high power committee was formed during 1968 comprising of MGO as Chairman and DGEME, Dy MGO as members to review various aspects of repair efforts of Border Roads equipment. Based on the recommendations of the commit­tee the Store Section of the Base Wksp was re-organised as Western Stores Divi­sion to function independently with effect from 01 Jul 1973.


5.         During Indo-Pak conflicts in 1965 and 1971, the Wksp provided repair support to Army. A large number of Army vehs / eqpt were repaired / overhauled in the Wksp. During Op Vijay and Op Parakram also, the Wksp provided repair support to transit and local Army units.


6.         The  Wksp  came  under  the  Administrative  control  of  Project  Sampark  with  effect  from 01 Apr 1986.







            The Role of Western Base Wksp is to:-



(a)        Overhaul Vehs/Eqpts /Plants /Engs of all the projects of Western Sector.


(b)        Provide Field repair cover to all local units and transit vehs.


(c)        Carry out deposit repairs of major and minor assys as approved by HQ DGBR.      


(d)        Carry out fabrication/modification as ordered by HQ DGBR from time to time.


(e)        Receive, account, hold, maintain and issue repairable/overhauled Vehs, Eqpt and Engines.


(f)        Account and dispose of class DEE arising and non-progressibles as per the existing procedure.


(g)        To carry out defect investigations on prematurely failed Vehs/Eqpt /Plant /Engs.