About GREF Centre

1.        GREF Centre was raised as a  recruitment Centre in  1962 with a   limited function   of recruiting manpower.


2.         Initially, 1 BRTF was entrusted with the responsibility of raising the GREF Strength.  Later, GREF Centre was raised at Roorkee on 01 Apr 1962 and the Centre commenced functioning as an independent establishment wef 01 Aug 1962. The first individual GS/No 01 Supvr NT Gde-I Buta Singh was appointed on 18 Sep 1960.


 3.         The first location of GREF Centre was in old PAC lines near Dhandhera railway station, Roorkee.  It later moved to BEG & Centre Roorkee in Feb 1963. Lt Col G K Apte who was earlier Commanding 3 BRTF in project Tusker became the first Commander of the GREF Centre at Roorkee.


4.         The Centre finally moved to its present location at Dighi Camp in Pune during 1976 and occupied the barracks taken over from BEG & Centre, Kirkee.  The Centre thereafter attained the status of the epicentre of HRD in the Force, entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out recruitment, training and managing a work force which presently comprises about 42,646 men distributed in 89 categories.


5.         Adm Complex     -   In 1993 land measuring 281.407 acres at present loc was acquired for construction of KLP accommodation for the GREF Centre, Records and PAO GREF.  Construction of Adm Complex started in Sep 1997 and it took  three years to complete the building. This three storey building constructed at cost of Rs. 320 lcs. It has 138 rooms in all covering a total plinth area of 6534 sq mtrs and total height of the building is 12.40 mtrs. The building has been constructed by M/s Mohata Constr Co. through MES GE (P) Kirkee as a deposit work. This building has been constructed to accommodate offices of GREF Centre, GREF Records and PAO (GREF). The construction of phase – O of the accn was completed in end 2000 and inaugurated by the then DGBR Lt Gen A K Puri, PVSM, AVSM.


6.         The uniqueness of GREF Centre is that the Young Offrs and certain refresher courses for the GREF Officers are also run in the Trg School there.


7.         Permanent Married Accn – The GREF Centre was raised at Roorkee in Apr 1962 and moved to Pune (Dighi) in 1976. Troops were accommodated in temporary barracks which were constructed during 1963 and had outlived their life.


 8.         For proper permanent accn 283 Acres of land at Aundh was transferred to Border Roads Organisation. However to meet the requirement of the Army for the land at Aundh, it was decided to exchange the land at Aundh with the land presently under occupation of the GREF Centre at Dighi.


9.         A Board of Officers for transfer of the land near Dighi to the Border Roads Organisation was held under Station HQ Kirkee/Aundh and accordingly the land was transferred to GREF Centre.


 10.       Construction of Married Accn, Adm Block, Offrs Mess with single offrs accn and allied external services, in Phase – I was sanctioned under job No. 1179/10 for Rs. 1553.00 lacs. A total of 336 Nos married quarters ranging from Type – I to Type V were constructed against the requirement of married accn for GREF Centre, GREF Records and PAO (GREF). Type – IV and V quarters (16 Nos) built for Officers and the rest for JCOs/Supvrs and ORs.

11.       The construction started in mid 1997 and the accn duly completed was taken over from MES in May 1999.


 12.       Construction of Married Accn under Phase – I was got done  through MES as agency work with M/s Mohata Constr Co as the Contractor, under Contract No. CEPZ/KKE/14 of 97-98.


13.       Officers Mess    -     After the GREF Centre moved to its present location at Dighi Camp the Offrs Mess was set in one of the old building taken over from BEG and Centre,  Kirkee.


14.       The construction of the Offrs Mess at New KLP started in May 1997 and it took three years to complete the works. The New Offrs Mess Complex is divided into four portions viz Offrs Mess Proper, Single Offrs accn, mess staff quarters and garages. There are a total of 86 rooms divide in the above mentioned portions, covering a plinth area of 3117.50 sq mtrs.


15.       The other highlights of the GREF Centre Offrs Mess are as under :-


 (a)          Total plinth area of mess complex is 3177.50 sq mtrs.


(b)          Total cost of Constr is Rs. 172 lacs.


(c)          The mess has a total of 20 rooms.


(d)          A circular road of 168 mtrs length has been provided in front of the Mess.


(e)          Black-top hard standing of 40 sq mtrs has been provided in front of Mess for  Car parking.


(f)           17 Nos single storeyed rooms have been constructed for Mess staff.


16.       Pipe and Jazz Band    -     The  GREF Centre raised Pipe & Jazz Band in 1993 and 1997 respectively. The primary purpose for these two bands is to play during various official/regimental functions in GREF Centre, HQ DGBR, Projects, various Task Forces and Units. Considerable expenditure has been incurred in raising and equipping the Bands by way of procurement of instruments, dress etc. The SOP for hiring of Bands by outside agency has been issued.


17.       Following ventures and facilities are also available :-


(a)          Establishment of BROWWA Shop.


(b)          Establishment of BROWWA Shopping Complex.


(c)           Vermiculture Project.


(d)          Regimental plant nursery.


(e)          Children Parks in  Officers and Subordinate family quarters.


(f)           Construction of new road linking offrs mess and road leading to CSD.


(g)          One cement concrete basket ball court.


(h)          Large scale plantation about 8000 nos trees.


(i)            New conference hall in Adm Complex.


(j)            One cement concrete badminton court in Officers mess.


(k)          Two Gymkhana Health Club (Officers and Other ranks).


(l)            Renovation of Lord Hari Mandir of GREF Centre.


(m)         Induction of self service system by improving and extending CSD.


(n)          Officers Mess renovation including improvements of all Guest Room and creation of lawns.


(o)          Tile flooring temporary Md Accn.


(p)          Improvement and tile flooring of JCOs/Supvrs Mess.


(q)          Improvement and repair of ITW accommodation for new recruits.


(r)           Improvement in drinking water supply.


(s)          Central Library.


(t)            Nursery School, tailoring and beautician courses being run by GREF Centre BROWWA.



Specific Function of GREF Centre



18.       The functions of GREF Centre are :-


 (a)          Recruitment of pers other than Offrs required for GREF.


(b)          Initial training to the recruits which involves orientation of recruits to GREF Service.


(c)          Conducting Refresher course (37 Nos) for the following Tradesman & Supvrs :-


(i)         Supvr                          -           BR-I/II, EM-I/II, SS-I/II


 (ii)        Tradesman               -           Ch/Mech, V/Mech, Ch/Elect, Elect,


                                                            OVSR, DES, Mason, S/Man


(iii)       Others                         -           UDC, LDC, SKT


 (d)          Selection of candidates for Diploma Course (Civ & E/M) at CME


 (e)          Conducting Refresher Courses for Junior Officers in the following subject :-


 (i)            Civil Engineering


(ii)          Mechanical Engineering


(iii)         Administration and Stores


(iv)         Young Officer Course


(f)           Administration of GREF Centre and Records.