Chief Engineer, (P) Arunank

Project Arunank was raised at Naharlagun (Itanagar) on 24 Oct 2008 in the state of Arunachal Pradesh after de-induction of (P) Zaranj from Afghanistan. The name of Project has been conceived from the name of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The Govt of Arunachal Pradesh was constantly demanding a Project HQ to be located in the State capital in order to accelerate the progress of works on high priority CSG roads, SARDP-NE package and PM package roads. Some of the roads covered under PM package as announced by then the Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh during his visit to Itanagar during Jan 2008 were also entrusted to this newly raised elite Project.

The project was entrusted with the work of upgradation of NH-15 (erstwhile NH-52) from Cl-9 to Double Lane with paved shoulder, construction of Hapoli-Sarli-Huri, Nacho-Tama-Chung-Chung (TCC), TCC-Maza road, TCC-Taksing and Taliha-Tato roads. The project was also entrusted with the maintenance work of Pahumara-Kimin, Kimin-Ziro, Ziro-Daporijo, Daporijo–Taliha, Taliha-Nacho, and Bame-Daporijo roads. The AoR of (P) Arunank was carved out from one of the oldest BRO Project i.e. Project Vartak.

After raising of (P) Brahmank wef 01 Dec 2011. Tato-Mechuka, Along-Kaying , Kaying-Tato, Mechuka-Tongkorla, and Tongkorla- Yarlung roads were taken out from the AoR of Project Arunank alongwith 44 BRTF, and transferred to Project Brahmank.

Recently Point – Ziro (59.00km) part of Kimin-Ziro road, Ziro-Daporijo (161.60km) and Daporijo-Bame (116.60 km) road has been handed over to PWD, Arunachal Pradesh being part of Trans Arunachal Highway. In addition, NH-15 from km 345.00 (NLP) to km 440.00 (Akajan) has been handed over to Assam PWD on Aug 15.

Project Arunank has a vital role in the development of strategic roads and in a larger perspective, the overall communication system, designed for the socio economic development of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Majority of roads under the project pass through treacherous thick forests, and hostile hilly terrain. The Arunankees have now organized themselves to ‘March-On Regardless’ of all the odds.

The credo of the Project is “Pragati ka Surya-Arunank”.