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Last Updated On: 18/05/2017

Important Policy Letters to be referred E1E Sec

 SOP on Court of Inquiry

Recovery from Pay towards loss caused to state

Delay in Finalization of Dept Enquiries

Disc action against GREF Subordinates SOP

Vig/Disc Clearance

Leave GOs involved in Disc Cases

Disc Cases under CCS Rules

Departmental Enquiry under CCS Rules

Responsibility of Board of Officers detailed by Competent Authorities for Inspection/Acceptance of Stores

Departmental Enquiry and Reasonable Opportunity

Applicability of Army Act on Army/GREF Personnel

Recommendations of the Comittee of experts on expeditious finalisation of Discplinary and Vigilance Inquiries

Conduct of Inquiries/DEs etc

Conduct of Departmental Enquiry under Rule 14 of CCS(CCA) Rules 1965 : Guidelines/Procedure