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 Date  Policy No  Subject  Documents
 29 May 2018  24006/DGBR/Policy/03/EPC Cell  Forwarding of Model EPC Contract documents Click Here
29 May 2018 24006/DGBR/Policy/04/EPC Cell Guidelines for Procurement ,Preparation, Review and Approval of DPR Click Here
 10 Jul 2018 24006/DGBR/Policy/21/EPC Cell  Preparation and Approval of DPR’s for Civil works on EPC Click Here
 12 Jul 2018 24006/DGBR/Policy/23/EPC Cell  Standard Operating Procedure for establishing Project Implementation cell in BRO projects to Monitor EPC Contract Click Here
 27 Aug 2018 24006/DGBR/Policy/42/EPC Cell  Opening of Price Bid of Resultant Single tender during repeated retendering in consultancy contract for preparation of DPR Click Here
 31 Oct 2018  24006/DGBR/Policy/66/EPC Cell  Guidelines for Procurement, Preparation, Review and approval of DPR  Click Here
 20 Dec 2018  24228/DGBR/Policy/Instr-2018/118/E8  Evaluation of BIDS for Civil Work  Click Here
 02 Apr 2019  24059/DGBR/MPR/01/EPC Cell   Monthly Progress Report on EPC Contract of Civil Works  Click Here
 12 Sep 2019  24006/DGBR/Policy/32/EPC Cell  Provision of Name and details of official of authority in NIT/RFP  Click here
 10 Dec 2019  24006/DGBR/Policy/59/EPC Cell Constitution of Team of Key personnel by the authority engineer to supervision/execute the Work through EPC mode of contract  Click here
 10 Dec 2019  24006/DGBR/Policy/58/EPC Cell  Surveying with Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) for all the projects involving development of 2/4/6/8- Lane expressway, strengthening 

 Click here
 19 Dec 2019  24006/DGBR/Policy/69/EPC Cell  Interest breaking working capital advance against unbilled executed work to mitigate the cash flow problems of HAM Concessionaire & EPC Contractors and modification in Schedule-H of EPC Contract          Click here
 12 Feb 2020 24006/DGBR/Policy/83/EPC Cell MODE of costing of detailed project report  Click here
 03 Mar 2020 24006/DGBR/Policy/89/EPC Cell Invitation, Evaluation and Acceptance of BIDS for Civil works  Click here
 23 Nov 2020  24006/DGBR/Policy/74/EPC Cell  Latest Instruction of Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure regarding (I),(II) and (III) BIDs security  Click here
 30 Mar 2021  24006/DGBR/Policy/02/EPC Policy  Guidelines for Procurement, Preparation, Review and approval of DPR  Click here
 10 May 2021  24016/DGBR/WP/04/EPC Cell  Monthly Progress Report of EPC Works & Authority Engineer  Click here
 19 Mar 2021  24006/DGBR/Pol/121/EPC Cell  Amendment of policy of guidelines for procurement, preparation review and approval of DPR  Click here
 24 May 2021  24006/DGBR/Pol/24/EPC Cell  Amendment of RFP m(Work Load Return) for consultancy services for preparation of DPR and feasibility study  Click here
 25 Jun 2021  24006/DGBR/Policy/57/EPC Cell  Guidelines for Tendering action in EPC mode  Click here
 05 Jul 2021  24006/DGBR/Policy/61/EPC Cell  Enforcement of Quality Assurance and Quality Control Measure in construction of Road and Bridges works on NH and Centrally sponsored Schemes by authority's representative  Click here
 02 Aug 2021   24006/DGBR/Policy/78/EPC Cell  Abrnomally Low bids  Click here
 19 Jul 2021  24006/DGBR/Policy/70/EPC Cell  Processing of DPRs  Click here
 17 Aug 2021  24006/DGBR/Policy/82/EPC Cell  Model RFP Documents  Click here
 24 Sep 2021  24006/DGBR/Policy/106/EPC Cell  Modification in model RFP for AE and EPC agreement documents  Click here
 20 Dec 2021  24006/DGBR/Policy/32/EPC Cell  Standard Operating Procedure to Debar/Penalized/Declare the Contractor/Concessionaire as non-performer in National Highway and other centrally sponsored road project.

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 02 Jun 2022  24228/DGBR/WLR/Mar 2022/23/E8     Click here