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Nation's most reputed, multifaceted, transnational, modern construction Organisation committed to meeting the strategic needs of the armed forces with enlightened leadership, a strong, skilled and committed work force, a well ingrained value system and a strong environment conscience. Playing a national role in socio economic development through its large scale contribution to infrastructure development.


To support the armed forces meet their strategic needs by committed, dedicated and cost effective development and sustenance of the infrastructure.

To achieve international levels of quality excellence and time consciousness in a diversified sphere of construction activity in a cost effective manner.

Optimise potential and expertise through increased involvement in agency, transnational and national development projects.

To attain leadership in development, adoption, assimilation and use of state of the art technology.

To create the environment for accurate, real time and effective decision making through optimising use of information technology.

Through a focus on core competencies; ensure highest level of skill and proficiency in construction activity.

To sustain a sense of values in the Organisation that will ensure a high level of self esteem in each individual and immeasurable synergy in the Organisation

To help enrich the quality of life of the community and ensure all round growth.

Role of the BRO

In Peace

Develop & Maintain  the Operational Road Infrastructure  of General Staff in  the Border Areas.

Contribute to the Socio-Economic Development of the Border States.

In War

To Develop & Maintain  Roads to Keep Line of Control through in Original Sectors and Re-Deployed Sectors.

To Execute Addl Tasks as laid down by the Govt Contributing to the War Effort.